St George’s Hospital in Christchurch New Zealand partners with Vitro Software to design and implement a custom-made patient Digital Medical Record system

St George’s Hospital contacted Vitro Software in August 2017 to initiate their goal of creating a digitised medical record system to replace their current paper based processes and forms. St George’s Hospital will begin implementing Vitro immediately starting with Ward Patient records with rollout completion scheduled within 12 months.

St George Hospital Chief Executive Officer Greg Brooks

Chief Executive Officer Greg Brooks believes the new tailor made system will provide the capabilities required whilst also being flexible and time efficient.

“St George’s Hospital requires a product that converts our current paper information into a digital form to facilitate and support efficient clinical decision making for our surgeon and nursing stakeholders, without introducing additional workflow obligations.”

Mr Brooks believes the Vitro system will be simple to navigate whilst providing an elegant and nimble solution that can be implemented seamlessly.

“We are aiming to introduce this system with minimal disruption, ensuring we respect the clinical and nursing team’s time”, Mr Brooks says.

In addition to the information captured and managed within Vitro, it also provides a complete digital patient chart for each patient by linking with other pre-existing electronic systems such as the patient administration system and specialised healthcare systems, therefore reducing duplication of information.  For the hospital’s clinical teams, it means they will soon be able to manage their patient medical records via a digital device from anywhere in the hospital, in real time, via a single clinical portal.

Vitro Software ANZ CEO, Jeff Smoot, says “We are very much looking forward to delivering a range of benefits for both patients and clinicians at St George’s Hospital, including improving clinical access to patient information, excellent security of information, financial efficiencies and data protection”.

Vitro Australia Director, Berne Gibbons, added that “Vitro has the capability to be implemented rapidly, with quick user adoption and also offers interoperability with other systems within the hospital and to mobile devices using HL7”.

Vitro has been implemented across Australia and clients include Calvary Health Care and Bendigo Health.

Internationally Vitro Software’s clients include the Global NGO Operation Smile, SEHA, Abu Dhabi’s Health Service Company in the United Arab Emirates and the prestigious Nairobi Hospital in Kenya.

About Vitro Software

Vitro Software is a leading international technology company which provides software & services that drive efficiencies and quality in healthcare. Through the deployment of our proprietary software, Vitro, we enable healthcare providers internationally to create efficiencies while also reducing costs, reducing change management challenges and providing better patient outcomes.

Our clients, located globally, have achieved major gains in clinical and administrative processes, resulting in more time spent on providing patient care. Vitro is being used in more than 80 client sites and is benefitting thousands of clinicians and patients across the globe in the areas with a focus on acute hospitals and speciality areas of care and case management. Clients include Bendigo Health, a 650 bed state of the art hospital in Australia, Operation Smile, an American headquartered NGO that provides free cleft surgeries to children in more than 60 countries around the globe, SEHA Abu Dhabi’s Health Service Company in the United Arab Emirates, The Nairobi Hospital, a highly prestigious, soon-to-be 700 bed hospital and one of the largest private hospitals in East Africa, as well as more specialised areas of care such as LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Ireland’s only dedicated Children’s Hospice.

Vitro was launched to market in order to address the worldwide gaps for healthcare providers in moving to electronic records. Vitro is an adaptable, scalable and flexible solution that it tailored to each of our clients. We use our clients unique content, workflows and processes combined with the integration of their existing software to provide clinicians and patients with a complete electronic medical record managed through an intuitive, client unique, user interface.

About St George’s Hospital

St George’s Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare provider based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Leading the way with competent and caring staff, excellent clinicians and stunning surrounds, the hospital is a state-of the art medical facility.

More than 600 talented physicians, consultant surgeons and staff work across the St George’s brands, which include collaborations and joint venture such as Cancer Care, Eye Care, Maternity Services, day and inpatient surgical services and the Heart Centre. With a patient centric approach to care, St George’s invests in their staff and the latest technology to provide optimal outcomes for its customers. St George’s looks after more than 13,000 patients each year and accepts all major health insurers.

St George’s Hospital is in the middle of an exciting redevelopment which includes improving the quality and range of services to the local community, new state of the art theaters and wards, cancer treatment facilities, maternity facilities and more.

As a registered charity any financial surplus is reinvested back into the hospital and patient care, or used to carry out extended charitable objectives.


This article first appeared in Health Informatics New Zealand and was kindly reproduced with permission from Vitro Software.

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