The Trans – Tasman Business Delegation to Ireland – Innovation and Investment

Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas, addressing the business community as part of the Trans-Tasman Delegation to Ireland

The Trans-Tasman Business Circle Delegation to Ireland took place from 18 to 21 September 2018 with support from IDA Ireland, Irish – Australian Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Ireland and the Australian Government.

In keeping with Australia and New Zealand’s vision of innovation and ideas, the Innovation Circle is a dedicated platform for the sharing of ideas, knowledge transfer and unleashing potential. It brings together world-class business models, including examples of small country economies such as New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland, and promotes the development of key innovation eco-system relationships.

Ireland has the fastest growth rate in Europe, and is recognised for its capability in innovation. It is is an ideal hub for organisations seeking a European base – Dublin has the most actively funded start-up ecosystem in Europe and is often regarded as the bridge between Europe and the US. Post-Brexit, Ireland will be the only English-speaking country in the EU. Enterprise Ireland is one of the world’s most active VCs, ranking 3rd globally for seed investment, and Ireland also has the highest % proportion of STEM graduates in the EU.

Foreign Minister Hon. Julie Bishop MP has said “Many Australian firms have accessed the EU via Britain. With the uncertainty surrounding what a post-Brexit Britain will look like, I believe Australian firms will look to Ireland to fill that role. Ireland is superbly positioned to attract that kind of engagement from Australian business. I see this a great opportunity of how we, Australia and Ireland, can take advantage of what has occurred”.

Australia and Ireland enjoy a strong bilateral relationship, with growing trade and investment and warm people-to-people links, as 1 in 10 Australians claim Irish descent. Over 57,000 Irish people visited Australia in 2017 and Australian visitors to Ireland totalled 79,800. Commercial relations between Australia, New Zealand and Ireland continue to grow, with two-way goods and services trade worth $3.5 billion in 2017.

Australia and Ireland share many of the same values – respect for democracy and human rights, and a commitment to the rules-based international order, and Australian and Irish Governments maintain policy dialogue on areas of shared interest.

John Kiely, President Asia Pacific, FEXCO, speaking at the Principles dinner in Dublin as part of the Trans-Tasman Delegation to Ireland

The Trans – Tasman Business Circle

The Trans – Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for the region’s leading organisations in the private and public sector. For 25 years, the Circle has assisted their clients to build their strategic relationships, business insights, and profile by developing customized programs for stakeholder engagement.

‘Trans-Tasman’ signifies collaboration between Australia and New Zealand. The name originates from the Tasman Sea which lies between the two countries.



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