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Vision Blue


James Boyle
Marketing Manager

Company overview
We are the market leading personal insolvency software solution in the UK, where our product is used to manage over 70% of active personal insolvency cases. We are also the market leading insolvency case management system in Ireland for both corporate and personal case types.
Our client list reaches over 200 practices, ranging from extremely high volume personal insolvency firms to intricate corporate insolvency firms.

The team at Visionblue strive to provide functionality to help our clients get through their workload in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure that our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the industries and regions we supply into so that we can provide practical and efficient solutions to our clients.

One liner
Visionblue Solutions are a customer-focused provider of compliant and efficient insolvency software solutions.Key benefits

  • Deal with the intricate requirements of all corporate and personal appointments from start to finish using our efficient and compliant solution
  • Visionblue work with SMS & Email providers so that correspondence can be sent directly from the system and received into the case file
  • Fully automated suite of localised documents and diaries
  • Increased Efficiency for all members of staff leadung to reduced Operational Costs
  • Streamlined Processes can be easily put into place
  • Adaptable system that is tailored to meet with our client’s requirements
  • We provide extra functionality that allows our clients to manage every aspect of their case portfolio, including time recording, reporting and creditor voting services.
James Boyle
Marketing Manager
+353 1 685 4129