Elaine Ralph

Company Overview

Manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to significantly grow their business into new markets through online channels, however traditional software systems are not equipped to deal with strict online trading requirements which ultimately lead to financial penalties for companies for non-conformance. SuperDisty bridges the gap between online markets and internal company ERP software.  Our model is simple, there are no upfront costs, revenue is based on a transaction fee on sales managed through our SaaS portal.


One Liner
SuperDisty SaaS centralises information and automates transactions between your ERP system and your online retailers platform.


Key Benefits
SuperDisty is an online solution designed by industry experts with in-depth distribution and manufacturing knowledge, who have first-hand experience of the sector.

Our key differentiator is providing a solution that allows our clients to easily integrate to international online markets.

Our simplified approach to data management, data analytics and data integrity ultimately gives our customers the ability to streamline decisions, maximise profit and manage expansion.


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