Principal Systems

Principal Systems


Name: Peter Flanagan
Job Title: Managing Director

Company Overview
Principal Logistics Technologies have been providing WMS solutions throughout Ireland, UK, Netherlands and China for 24 years. We provide comprehensive solutions to 3PL, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution businesses. Our patented end-to-end supply chain tracking mechanism has allowed us to provide end-to-end Supply chain trace-ability and stock visibility solutions to both manufacturing and retail companies. Our products seamlessly integrate with ERP solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials allowing us to provide WMS and supply chain solutions to clients. We are focused on the Dairy industry, managing production of cheese, cheese grading, cheese cutting, deserts, milk and butter.

One Liner
Warehouse and supply chain solution delivery experts.

Key Benefits
“Full Tracability Gives Full Visibility”
Principal Logistics Technologies are a single source supplier that design, interface, deploy and provide ongoing support of warehouse and supply chain solutions that maximise efficiency while ensuring compliance with complex handling and storage rules. Central to our solutions is our ‘unique reference’ patented technology that provides complete traceability across a supply chain. Each member of the supply chain (nodes) are required to report item level information to the PLT Data Hub of all stock movements/changes. The PLT Data Hub acts as a central repository of all node data and provides visibility and traceability across a user’s supply chain.