Name: Andrew McNeile
Job title: VP of Customer Success, EMEA and APAC Sales

Company Overview
Poppulo is the leading internal communications platform, and trusted partner to many of the world’s most successful companies including Unilever, McDonalds, Nike, Nestle, and Rolls Royce.

Our purpose built IC software helps align employee communications strategies with the goals of an organisation, and enables easy measurement of campaigns across the multiple channels of email, intranet, video and ESN – all in a single platform. This helps internal communicators increase employee engagement,  link communications to business goals, and demonstrates the value of IC.

Headquartered in Ireland, with offices in the US, Poppulo is excited to announce the opening of its Australian office in Sydney in October 2017.
One Liner
Poppulo is an internal communications plaform that helps organisations transform and measure their internal communications and drives increased employee engagement.
Key Benefits
  •  helps organisations align and engage their workforce and increase business performance
  • helps internal communicators reduce email overload by creating highly targeted, beautifully branded, engaging, and mobile optimised emails. These communications will cut through the email noise and ensure that employees are only receiving information that is relevant to them
  •  helps internal communicators access actionable insights through analytics that measure the reach and impact of employee communications, across the channels of email, intranet, video and ESN. This helps determine which areas of the business are better or less engaged
  •  provides enterprise level visibility of business unit communication.
Adam Dawson
Senior Enterprise Sales Executive – Australia & New Zealand
+ 353 86 781 2506