Name: Brian Byrne
Job title: CEO


Company Overview
Oculer has developed a rapid, high-throughput and highly precise microbial assay for the detection and enumeration of Thermoduric Bacteria in milk; with related applications available to the worldwide food and beverage sectors.

One Liner
“Bringing Microbiology to Light”, Oculer develops bespoke rapid microbial assay solutions using a variety of instrument platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Oculer minimise the spoilage of dairy products due to Thermoduric Bacteria which are capable of surviving the pasteurisation process
  • The automated Oculer assay electronically reports accurate results data within 30 hours or less in contrast to traditional detection methods which suffer from a 72-hour incubation time and have been open to a high degree of human error
  • Oculer aims to help the dairy industry save millions of dollars each year by minimising the detrimental effect of Thermoduric Bacteria on product shelf life, and diminished protein concentrations


Email: brian.byrne@oculer.com
+353 61 52 53 10