Name: Ben Dawe
Job title: VP Business Development

Company Overview
Learnosity’s mission is to transform online education globally and specializes in SaaS, B2B online assessment solutions. Highly scalable and extensible by design, Learnosity’s technology enables clients to build powerful and engaging digital assessment and learning products with minimal time and resources. Specifically designed to form part of a larger learning product, all Learnosity technology integrates seamlessly into third party applications.  Learnosity works with some of the biggest names in education and corporate learning and has circa 25 million users worldwide. The company is headquartered in Dublin and has offices in Sydney, New York and Los Angeles.
One Liner
Helping you build better learning products. Faster!
Key Benefits
  • Learnosity provides the core technology for content creation and storage, delivery of content to students and analysing the learner’s responses to the questions
  • Developers use the Learnosity APIs inside their technology stack to do the difficult heavy lifting: this frees them up to deploy high value tasks within their own core mission and roadmap
  • Leveraging Learnosity significantly increases speed to market and decreases the development time and resources required to build scalable, learning solutions
  • Learnosity technology is inherently modular and flexible and specifically designed to be extended. This empowers clients to build completely unique learning products while still being confident that their products are built on a robust, battle-tested, platform.


Ben Dawe
VP Business Development
+61 431471351