Kingspan Insulated Panels

Kingspan Insulated Panels


Nick Drummond
General Manager

Company overview
We started over 50 years ago with a simple mission, to always work to make buildings better. Problem solving is at the heart of our design and manufacturing processes. We push the boundaries of innovation in every project we’re part of. Whether it is creating bespoke flooring for a retail outlet or designing panels for a historic building, innovation is at the core of every project. From the Olympic Village in London to the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, our mark spans all five continents. Kingspan was founded with a vision; to lead the way in creating energy efficient buildings.One liner
Shaping the Future Built Environment. Pioneering new technologies with energy conservation at the heart.

Key benefits

  • Innovation: Next Generation products. The world is rapidly changing and so are our customers needs. Innovation at Kingspan means that today’s products are solving problems of the future
  • Sustainability: We know that the built economy has an important part to play in combating climate change, and we pledge to take the lead. Our commitment to sustainability is instilled at every level of the company and at every step in the manufacturing process. Our goal of net zero energy is in reach and by 2020 all energy consumed must come from renewable sources on an aggregated basis across the Kingspan estate
Niall Horgan
General Manager of Benchmark,Kingzip and Evo
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