Aubren Limited

Aubren Limited


Aubrey Nuzum
Managing Director

Company Overview

Aubren applies its engineering and business skills to design, make and deliver outstanding air management products.

Aubren has pioneered hydronic heating with the patented Solo system, which like conventional heating systems is water based, but differs in that minute quantities of water are used. Advanced control techniques are embedded into Solo to reduce boiler size whilst delivering exactly the heat required where and when needed with no warm up time.

The Aubren DAQS range provides innovative, highly energy efficient precision air quality systems, thermal management systems, indoor air quality and environmental solutions for use in Healthcare, IT and Telecom applications.

One Liner
We design, make and deliver outstanding air management products.
Key Benefits
  • Team of designers, engineers, fabricators and project managers all have deep expertise in the conditioning, control and monitoring of air within a wide range of applications including data centres, medical/healthcare, cleanrooms and residential HVAC
  • Operate a highly specialist, advanced manufacturing facility in Ireland where we produce products to world class standard
  • Established relationships with a huge array of international components providers
  • Have a network of specialist partners in such areas as packaging design, compliance, marketing and intellectual property protection
  • Suitable for Australian, New Zealand and other international markets.
Aubrey Nuzum
Managing Director
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