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Akari Software



Name: Eoghan O’Leary
Job title: CEO

Company Overview
Akari is a shared web-based solution, for the efficient management of curriculum development, quality assurance, publication and resource allocation. Akari Software has gained an international reputation for being a leader in curriculum management processes and software. The company  has established, without doubt, that Curriculum Management is a new category of University Management software that has largely been ignored by the software industry. Akari are working with international clients in Ireland, the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand that have recognized Akari as the leading provider in this space.  The company is now working with five Universities in Australia that are benefiting from the software.
One Liner
Akari Software is a world leader in ensuring that universities properly manage the development and delivery of their curriculum.
Key Benefits
  • It differs from current practices and the competition in that it manages data, not documents. Akari integrates fully with existing university management and teaching systems
  • Akari allows universities to be fully compliant with national & international standards, including the Bologna Charter
  • The benefits for a university are:
    Streamlines & standardises curriculum management
    Acts as quality assurance mechanism
    Assists in resource allocation
    Provides more reliable business intelligence
    Improves decision making
    Saves money &  time in managing the curriculum
  • Akari is built on shared knowledge and expertise from universities
  • It is a fully customisable, robust platform and can be implemented quickly and affordably

Paul Hederman
Sales & Marketing Director
353 21 237 6185