Perfecting your pitch for the A/NZ market

Irish companies entering the Australian and New Zealand markets can be surprised when their pitch or brand messages don’t resonate locally, even though we communicate in a common language and share cultural similarities.

There are many reasons for this, including different legislations and market issues driving buying decisions; different local perceptions of a brand name or buzz words; alternate industry descriptors and acronyms; and the simple fact that even in English the same words have different meanings in different countries – such as the flip-flops, thongs, and jangles example!

This does not mean that businesses need to throw out all the work they have done in defining their brand in their home market, but they should spend a little time localising their pitch and contextualising key messages for Australia and New Zealand markets.

We recently held a masterclass as part of the Enterprise Ireland A/NZ Women in Business Mentor Program on how to define and localise your brand voice for a new market. Doing this ensures that all interactions from pitching to investors and partners, to selling and marketing, resonates with the local market and shows a great understanding of their needs.

We’ve distilled down some of the top tips from the masterclass to help get the most out of any pitching opportunity.

  • Know your market: The issues that drive the need for your product in the home market may be different overseas. Can you clearly articulate the problem you’re solving for your target market?
  • Know your audience: Try to gain clarity on who you are presenting to. What will their areas of interest be? What expertise can they provide?
  • Keep it concise and easy to understand: Avoid unnecessary use of acronyms and industry jargon and be aware that colloquial words could be perceived differently by your target audience.
  • Start with the end in mind: What is the outcome you want from the meeting? Do you have an ask of your audience? Try to centre your pitch or presentation around this ask.

Irish companies looking to enter Australia and New Zealand markets can reach out their local Enterprise Ireland Market Adviser for support on the above.

Judith Harrington, MA Sydney

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