Med in Ireland 2019 welcomes 300 international healthcare delegates to Dublin

Held once every 2 years, Med in Ireland is Ireland’s largest medical technologies event showcasing the innovative capabilities of leading Irish medical companies. This year, the RDS Dublin hosted 300 key influencers and decision makers from the international healthcare community, representing 40 countries worldwide. Over the official day-long event, over 1,200 one-to-one meetings took place between the international delegates and the one hundred Irish medtech companies on display, paving the way for significant international partnerships.

With over 40,000 people employed in the medtech sector in Ireland, per capita, Ireland is the largest medtech employer in the EU. Ireland stands as one of the leading clusters for medtech products globally, and in 2018, Enterprise Ireland recorded seven per cent export growth to €1.73bn for the lifesciences sector in the twelve-month period.

This year Enterprise Ireland ANZ played host to a number of international delegates, representing St George’s Hospital in New Zealand and Calvary Health Care, Cochlear and Resmed in Australia. This unique week-long opportunity, introduced our international guests to the full spectrum of the Irish Llife sciences sector, promoting the highly innovative medical products and digital health solutions on offer across our indigenous companies.

Throughout the week, representatives from St George’s Hospital and Calvary Care partook in several one-to-one meetings with top Irish digital health companies. These important engagements afforded all delegates the opportunity to gain first-hand insights into the technological advancements on offer, whilst supporting significant conversations surrounding potential strategic partnerships.

Notable highlights included site visits to Enterprise Ireland-supported companies T-Pro, MEG Support Tools, SureWash, Swiftqueue, Vitro Software, HealthBeacon and Novaerus.

Opening the official Med in Ireland event, Minister of State for Trade, Employment and Business Pat Breen TD commended Ireland’s “world class research base” and “strong industry focus” on healthcare innovation, praising the role of Med in Ireland conference, and highlighting the “great opportunity for international organisations to engage with Ireland’s existing and emerging leaders across the design, research, development, prototyping, manufacture and marketing of highly innovative medical products and services”.

During the official day-long event, our international cohort engaged with the 100 EI backed medtech and digital health companies on display, whilst experiencing the latest wave of Irish medical advancements exhibited at Med in Ireland’s dedicated Medtech Innovation Zone. This year’s event proved a resounding success, with new and exciting connections made between the ANZ delegation and a range of Irish medtech and digital health companies. As Ireland continues to stamp its position as a world leader in medtech innovations, the strength of the Irish Advantage is increasingly apparent, with the capabilities of innovative Irish companies positioned at the centre of global advancements in healthcare.

Company Profiles


HealthBeacon provides smart tools for managing medication, including the first digitally connected sharps waste disposal bin for patients prescribed self-injectable medication at home. It helps patients to adhere to their medication schedule, on time, as prescribed, and safely. In three years, HealthBeacon’s technology has tracked more than 240,000 injections across 11 markets. HealthBeacon now works with global biopharma and healthcare providers in Europe, USA, and Latin America.


MEG Support Tools

MEG Support Tools is a flexible and cost-effective quality improvement and patient safety (QPS) SaaS solution for acute care facilities. It works closely with clinicians to ensure its suite of powerful mobile tools are easy to use and user-friendly, measure clinical effectiveness in real time, and drive improved performance. Its solution is currently in operation in more than 40 hospitals across Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia with multi-language support.



Novaerus is on a mission to reduce indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies, and irritation. Its air disinfection units use patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, particulate, mould spores, VOCs, allergens and odours. With no harmful by-products, it is safe for continued use around vulnerable populations. Novaerus portable units are easy to use, affordable and plug into any outlet. Its plasma technology has been independently tested and is trusted by hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world.



SureWash uses gesture recognition technology to bring kiosk e-learning to hand hygiene technique compliance. The plug-and-play technology allows staff to train 24/7 on the hospital ward to WHO recognised standards. Giving real-time non-subjective feedback, SureWash provides the ‘how’ in a multimodal hand hygiene strategy. A full reporting suite is available for audit purposes.



Swiftqueue is an innovative digital health company providing an enterprise scheduling platform to coordinate resources for citizens and patients attending diagnostic and treatment clinics and other support services in the community. Its vision is to improve healthcare access for all citizens by delivering proven robust solutions for all healthcare environments to improve efficiency and communication supported by healthcare and IT industry best practice.



T-Pro is committed to helping healthcare organisations deliver better patient care. It offers a single technology and services platform, natural language understanding and machine learning solution, to deliver digital dictation, medical speech recognition, medical transcription, advanced analytics, clinical documentation improvement, and coding. Healthcare organisations use T-Pro to improve the speed and accuracy of their clinical documentation, reduce the burden of IT management, support EHR adoption and empower clinicians.


Vitro Software

Vitro Software enables healthcare providers to improve patient safety, reduce costs through streamlining operations and make better decisions about their business by surfacing critical operational insights. We do this by transforming their current clinical processes and documentation to a digital medical record, integrating seamlessly with existing systems. Vitro Software is different because it is designed with the clinician in mind, making it easy for them to learn, to adopt with minimum disruption and to use it in everyday medicine with less clicks.


If you wish to know more about Irish Digital Health solutions in Australia and New Zealand, contact Judith Harrington at judith.harrington@enterprise-ireland.com.

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