iCabbi provides new technology platform to level the digital experience in Australia

Australia’s second-largest taxi company Silver Top is ramping up its technology offering to help win business back from Uber and the ridehail industry.  The 136-year-old family business has partnered with leading Irish taxi technology innovator iCabbi, to optimise its 3,500-car fleet and deliver top-end digital experiences to both drivers and passengers.

Passengers book via a sophisticated app, with all the features they’ve come to expect such as real-time ETAs, tracking their taxi and rating drivers, while also benefiting from a long-standing, quality cab service. Drivers can manage everything from their smart phone and benefit from intelligent dispatch technology which reduces wait times and dead miles, so they make more money. 

Established in 1872 as a hansom cab service, Silver Top is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and management.  Its 7,000 taxi drivers deliver a quality service in Melbourne and Sydney but the whole Australian taxi industry has come under severe pressure from rideshare companies such as Uber, DiDi and Ola. 

“Our long local history means we have a really loyal customer base, but attracting the younger generation is challenging. They expect full end-to-end digital experiences. We need to match the tech innovation of ride-hail apps. Partnering with iCabbi gives us world-class technology and the ability to develop our own products on their platform.

“To support our growth plans, we needed to move onto a technology platform built on Cloud with Mobile Technology, and to support the industry we will partner with local fleets across the country and assist them in joining the iCabbi family to provide national coverage with world leading digital products for all our customers helping us improve services and service levels. 

“iCabbi’s impressive track record in delivering success to large fleets in the UK and North American markets meant that they were the only choice for us. We’ve been very impressed by the professional approach taken to onboard our fleets and are excited about the innovations they plan to deliver over the coming years” said Silver Top Chairman Alf Gange.  

L-R Niall Prenty Bussiness Development Director iCabbi, Kevin Sherry Executive Director Enterprise Ireland, David Eccles Director ANZ Enterprise Ireland, HE Ambassador
Breandán Ó Caollaí Ambassador of Ireland to Australia, Alf Gange and Phil Stretten Silver Top Cabs.

“With the right partner and the right platform, enterprise fleets like Silver Top can now bring the fight back to the ride-hailing disruptors.  They can win market share from their traditional taxi competitors who remain shackled to a technology stack from a different era. In this very competitive market, Silver Top now have the platform and the products they need to deliver great customer and driver experiences. Silver Top have some really exciting Strategic plans and we at iCabbi are confident that the team and technology combination they now have will deliver real success in Australia” commented iCabbi’s Business Development Director Niall Prenty

David Eccles, Australia/New Zealand Director of Enterprise Ireland, a partner of iCabbi in their global expansion, commented “Ireland is now an innovation island and technology is one of our greatest exports. It’s rewarding to see the benefits of innovative technology being applied to the taxi sector which has such a long legacy and committed drivers, enabling them to continue long into the future”.

iCabbi entered into a strategic partnership with Groupe Renault in June of 2018, enabling the company to bolster its team with the creation of 120 new jobs over three years.   

About iCabbi

iCabbi empowers fleets to automate, optimise, grow and transform their business. It’s Taxi 360 platform facilitates end-to-end fleet management with passenger apps, cloud-based intelligent dispatch, driver app, business solutions, insights, a sophisticated API for third-party integrations and a marketplace with over 40 select partners. iCabbi powers over 70,000 taxis around the world. It was founded in 2009 in Dublin. https://www.icabbi.com/

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