I Am Here Readying for Australasian Launch

I Am Here, the award-winning mental health and wellbeing program for workplaces, will soon launch in Australia and New Zealand after successfully delivering its first project to one of Australia’s largest employers.

Created by Jim Breen, Chairman of PulseLearning and Cycle Against Suicide, the program is part of a significant change in beliefs and behaviours around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. The program signals to employees that it’s ok not to feel ok, and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help through compassionate connections with colleagues.

In advance of launch the Enterprise Ireland A/NZ team has undergone initial training in our Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland offices.

‘At Enterprise Ireland, we are on a journey, similar to most corporates in terms of mental health. My personal view is that mental health and physical health are as important as each other, and working on ones mental health should be viewed in the same context as going for a walk, to the gym or yoga.

People are core to everything we do in Enterprise Ireland. With a hard working, committed and driven team locally, most of which are Irish and working far away from home, it is important that we look out for each other and make sure that we are all in the best place mentally to enjoy the work that we do.

The I Am Here program has been the core platform that we are using to come together to support each other and to destigmatise the perceptions and negative connotations around mental health. It is educating us on how to look out for one another and be there to support each other.’ – David Eccles, Director ANZ Enterprise Ireland

We look forward to sharing more about this amazing program with you in the coming months.

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