I Am Here – Improving your mental health and wellbeing in this new remote world

Emma Wilson Managing Director,  Australia & New Zealand of I Am Here shared some excellent tips with us during our recent Remote Working webinar to ensure you and your team measurably improve your mental health and wellbeing in this new remote world.  “We all have a core desire to help one another – yet often we don’t know how to help, or we are concerned we’ll make things worse.  It is also at your greatest times of need that we are least likely to ask for help.  Now, when so many of us are working remotely, we need to work harder to genuinely connecting and reach out when we think someone needs support’


  • Create your routines & rhythms
  • Have analog breaks
  • Move, in nature
  • Make time for your favourite people


  • Set up a weekly ‘situation’ check in
  • Ask how everyone is going/coping
  • Listen & Acknowledge different situations
  • Co-create a new way of connecting
  • Confidentially identify and create support for those at-risk

Remote Working as a team

  • Turn on the camera
  • Check-in and share
  • Work together
  • Ensure equal contribution
  • Connect one on one
  • Set agenda and discipline around time
  • Minimise multi-tasking
  • Share screens
  • Share feedback and agreed actions

I Am Here is an award-winning mental health and wellbeing programme powered by PulseLearning – a global Top 10 learning company founded in 1999. The programme facilitates a cultural change within organisations to one where it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

The programme gives Team Members the courage, confidence and skills to compassionately connect and signpost supporting services in their workplace or community to team members, friends and families.  Needed even more now.

Until at least September 30, 2020, I Am Here is offering a streamlined program, free to organisations across Australia and New Zealand. To find out more, please contact emma.wilson@pulselearning.com

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