Irish firm GM Steel showcase State-of-the-art Bourke abattoir fit-out

The Australian meat industry is worth $19.8bn and has performed strongly in the last 5 years. Approximately 60% of production is exported to markets such as Japan and South Korea, with niche meats such as kangaroo and goat gaining an increase in the share of industry revenue over the past five years.  There has been a continued and rising demand for goat meat in export markets, such as the United States and South Korea. Goat is considered lean, lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken and higher in iron than beef. 

One company having great success globally in this industry is GM Steel. GM Steel offer a comprehensive range of material handling solutions, focusing their expertise specifically in the slaughtering and food processing industry. They provide a comprehensive range of equipment and services for abattoirs and processing plants of all sizes which can be made bespoke to the client’s requirements. GM Steel’s core competency is in beef, lamb and goat slaughtering, chilling and deboning. 

The Darling River Meat fit out by GM Steel, engineered and manufactured in Ireland

Recently, GM Steel completed work on the new Darling River Meats goat abattoir in Bourke, NSW, where the operations process was exclusively designed and engineered by GM Steel. The overall project was worth $40million, with GM Steel design and installation accounting for $9million. Everything from the stock yards, slaughter-lines, chilling, deboning and packaging was engineered and manufactured in Ireland and then installed and commissioned in Bourke.

The fit-out in Darling River Meats features new technologies such as live goat automatic grading, skin-on goat carcass processing, carcass rapid chilling (chilling meat to 6 degrees to its core in just 2 hours). GM Steel’s installation of twin rail dressing hooks and easy load roll-on roll-off carcass trucks are the first of their kind in Australia.  Both were innovatively engineered to make the process as seamless as possible.

In the last year number of years, GM Steel Fabricators have realized a fast growth and significant development in new beef & lamb processing technologies. Several large projects have been implemented all over the world with many repeating orders from existing customers. Due to the increasing number of projects, GM Steel has built two new and modern production halls, with one of these being fully dedicated to stainless steel, including the most modern equipment such as laser cutting machinery. The company designs their equipment to meet EU, USDA and Australian standards. 

From consultancy and design, through to fabrication and installation, each contract receives individual attention and focus on quality is paramount for GM Steel.

The Darling River Meat fit out by GM Steel, engineered and manufactured in Ireland

About GM Steel

GM Steel was established in Dundalk in 1990 and is a worldwide market leader in slaughtering and handling systems in meat processing factories. GM Steel is a complete solution provider for turnkey abattoirs and processing plant projects.

About Darling River Meats

Darling River Meats have more than 100 years of combined successful experience in the Australian red meat and livestock industry. Their brand-new state of the art small-stock processing plant has been purpose built on a green-field site 14 kilometers north of Bourke in NSW, incorporating the latest technology from around the world. Darling River Meats operate under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS), Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program and National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), and all products are 100% halal certified

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