From Local To Global – Five Minutes with Auckland Country and Service Delivery Manager, Gary Corley

Evros Technology Group is Ireland’s leading provider of IT managed services and systems integration. Established in 1990, the multi-award winning company delivers unrivalled support in the design, supply, implementation and support of organisations’ IT infrastructure.

Gary Corley is Country Manager for New Zealand at Evros, having joined the company as a Solutions Architect in 2016. Gary has specialist expertise in ICT Infrastructure with over 20 years in the space across a range of verticals including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharma, Utilities and Public Sector. He has been leading Evros’ New Zealand operation since May 2019. Here, Gary shares his learnings from Aotearoa so far, including the opportunities and pitfalls of leading an Irish company’s expansion on the other side of the globe.

Why did Evros see a need to expand to New Zealand?

Two main reasons. First, our night shift was proving difficult to staff and manage given the unsociable hours of the job (it’s a tough shift to work) and the IT skills shortage in Ireland.

Secondly, we saw the value in futureproofing and growing the business by providing round the clock services to an expanding customer base on both sides of the equator, many of whom have a global presence.

Why New Zealand? What were the benefits of setting up shop in Auckland?

Obviously, the time difference is a key factor. Also, it’s an English-speaking country with a multicultural population which gives us lots of options when it comes to multilingual support. Auckland has a great selection of talent from highly regarded universities and an influx of skilled labour from across Australasia. It’s also an attractive option when recruiting staff in Ireland. We got great support from Enterprise Ireland from the very beginning and they have been with us every step of the way. On the NZ side ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) have really helped us find our feet and these two supports have complemented each other very well.

From a social and team building perspective, anyone who has ever been to New Zealand will tell you of the similarities with Ireland: the people, the culture, the love of sport. Despite the distance there has always been a great connection between the two countries and the Irish are well received here. One thing that’s very different though is the climate. This place is one big summer playground for 9 months of the year (If you’re into that sort of thing)

Can you describe some of the initial challenges you encountered in moving to NZ? What did you need to consider?

Moving to a new country so far from home will always throw up some unexpected challenges and stuff you can never fully plan for. We were taken aback by the Auckland winter and had to find innovative ways to warm the office and our homes. There was record rainfall in August and we only had one day in the whole month when it didn’t rain. In fairness to the guys they have embraced the challenges and are thriving down here. We “wintered well” as they say at home, and we are now enjoying the blue skies and sunshine of the Kiwi summer.

Who was the first contact you made in New Zealand?

We had done quite a bit of planning and preparation beforehand and had established some good contacts in advance. On arrival to our accommodation, each of us had a welcome pack waiting for us, kindly provided by a recruitment company we share a building with in Parnell, an upmarket suburb not far from Auckland CBD. After 36 hours of travel it was nice to be able to put the kettle on and have a Tim-Tam.

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