Five Irish Start-Ups to watch in 2021

At the end of a challenging year for business, its great to see the energy and optimism that Enterprise Ireland start-ups are bringing to 2021. Here are some ones to watch!

ApisProtect: Founded in response to concern about declining bee populations, Aps Protect uses the power of machine learning technology with advanced sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, sound and movement data in beehives. It then delivers a 24/7 early warning system so beekeepers can give at-risk hives immediate attention and improve bee health. The company is now monitoring the health of over twenty million honeybees in hives across Europe and North America.

Cubbie Sensory Hub: Providing a comfortable, safe and adaptor environment for children and adults with disabilities and special needs, particularly targeted towards people with autism. Fitting into any space, the freestanding booth provides a respite from environmental triggers and sensory overload so the individual can become calm and centred in their environment. With software that is personalised to each user’s individual requirements. Users can build their own experience with user friendly software controlling lights, sounds and images.

Head Diagnostics: Head Diagnostics is developing a handheld medical device for the rapid diagnosis of concussion and early stage diagnosis and progression of Parkinson’s Disease. Described as a thermometer for the brain, the technology will clinicians to make an objective diagnosis of brain disease and brain impairment. The TCD spinout is currently working to bring the device to the final stage of development.

mBryonics: Designing and manufacturing laser data transport networks for space, mBryonics is creating the technologies and infrastructure to enable a space-based internet. This will form the basis of backbone communications infrastructure for deep space missions to Mars, the lunar surface and back here on Earth.

Swoop: Helping small and medium business have instant access to the right finance and products, Swoop is a one stop shop for businesses to source and save money. Businesses can integrate their accounting software and bank accounts and Swoop returns real time matches to loans, grants and investments as well as identifying better rates for services across FX, banking insurance and utilities.

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