Digital Technologies: Activity on the up especially for remote working technologies

It has been an interesting year in the Digital Technologies space. From new market entrants and newly established partnerships, to deals won and acquisitions, there has been a lot of activity. The pandemic has taken and given in surprisingly even ways – our travel tech companies have obviously suffered the greatest decline in activity but companies with offerings that support or enable the new ways of working have flourished  such as  employee engagement platform Wrkit who has established a physical presence and appointing a new A/NZ GM after some recent customer wins, and Skillsoft, QStream, CX Academy and Learnupon who continue to support large A/NZ companies in equipping their teams with the skills of the future through remote learning.  Biometric authentication business, Daon, has grown from strength to strength with new enterprise wins for their digital onboarding platform for banks and telcos.

Another area of significant growth has been the energy sector, particularly for companies with offerings that enable conversion to renewable energy sources. Two demand response companies, Viotas and Gridbeyond, have now marked Australia as a key market of interest and Viotas has grown to a team of five in Melbourne after establishing there just last year.

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