Crowley Carbon officially opened their Sydney office in February 2018.

Formed in 2009, Crowley Carbon has grown in expertise to become one of the foremost multi-disciplinary Energy Services Companies in Europe, and Irelands largest energy efficiency company.

In the last three years Crowley Carbon have reduced their clients’ energy bills by on average 34% with a return on capital of just under three years. The Irish firm has invented and licensed over 80 products to address energy usage in all areas of a client’s business. The Crowley Carbon team analyse on-site and determine exactly how and where the client is losing money to poor energy efficiency and from there designs a tailored programme of innovative energy efficient solutions.

“Energy is not only an environmental concern but also a strategic financial opportunity should companies choose to accept it”

-Norman Crowley CEO

Crowley Carbon unique solutions

The CCubed [Carbon Control Centre] suite is comprised of a combination of of IoT integration and advanced analytics and alerts. The software suite optimises large energy users for best operating conditions, adjusts running speed and shift patterns when required and alerts when machines are consuming more energy than needed. The results are dramatic energy reduction, longer equipment life, reduced downtime and increased product output. The system is remotely managed and monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum savings.

Thermal Server™ – Heat Pump Technology. The Thermal ServerTM can achieve up to 84.9% savings in energy consumption costs. This high-pressure heat pump technology can be driven by a gas engine or electricity and utilises waste heat from manufacturing or geothermal to deliver low cost hot water. The whole system can be managed using smartphone technology.

Cool Planet Experience

The Cool Planet Experience is the brainchild of entrepreneur and owner of Crowley Carbon, Norman Crowley. In March 2018, Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic officially opened the world’s first visitor centre dedicated to climate change. The Cool Planet Experience is the first of 10 permanent visitor centres aiming to present the “true story of climate change” planned for locations around the world over the next three years. Based in the picturesque Powerscourt Estate in Co Wicklow, the ‘Cool Planet Experience’ is Ireland’s first interactive experience aimed at inspiring positive climate action.



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