Congratulations to our clients MagGrow and Agrify for making the finals of the Fieldays 2020 Innovation Awards.

We are very excited that two of our clients MagGrow and Agrify are finalists in the Fieldays 2020 Innovation Awards, part of the first ever virtual Fieldays event, live now until 26 July.

New market entrant MagGrow has targeted the recurring problem of crop spraying wastage, with up to 70 per cent of conventional pesticide spraying not hitting or staying on the target crop. The company has developed magnetic-assisted spraying technology that delivers more than 20% increased crop coverage and reduces drift by up to 70%. It can also reduce water usage by 50% and extend spray windows, with farmers typically seeing a return on investment in a year or less. Importantly the technology can be retrofitted to existing sprayers as well as installed on new sprayers. MagGrow is working with Trimble dealers in New Zealand.

Agrify has been nominated for its Tailpainter product, making the tailpainting process much faster, easier and safer for dairy farmers. Due to its unique patented design, farmers can now tailpaint while cows are being milked in the milking parlour and be sure that the correct amount of paint has been applied to ensure the most reliable heat detection. The Tailpainter will be distributed in New Zealand by Fortis.

We wish both companies the very best of luck and are delighted to help showcase the latest in Irish innovation at this year’s New Zealand Fieldays Online, our 14th year to partner with this fantastic showcase of the best of international agritech and agribusiness.

For more information on the products and all the finalists please visit https://www.fieldaysonline.co.nz/fieldays-hub/innovation-awards

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