ClaimVantage Announces New Partnership to Streamline Claims Processing

International claim management software provider ClaimVantage and health connector, Unified Healthcare Group (UHG), have marked the announcement of a new industry collaboration with the launch of a live integration between their respective platforms.

The new integration enables claims managers to search over 50,000 healthcare providers, place orders, track status and receive information back from UHG via its medEbridge® platform, from within ClaimVantage.

For instance, a claims manager can lodge a request for medical information in ClaimVantage, and this is seamlessly provisioned via UHG’s medEbridge platform and retrieved from the medical practitioner digitally. As UHG’s medEbridge® platform is also integrated into other healthcare provider practice management systems (PMS) a request can be triggered from within ClaimVantage and be received within the PMS of the provider in real-time.

UHG and ClaimVantage share several life insurance clients, who stand to immediately benefit from this new capability, saving claims managers valuable time and improving the accuracy and security of consumer health information.

UHG CEO Rob Farmer said the companies’ shared vision was to extend the integration to include a broader range of health services, “We want to ensure our shared customers can also access our marketplace of medical specialists, rehabilitation providers, and others in the simplest way possible. For claims managers using the ClaimVantage solution, it makes sense to make this available to them all in the one place.”

Leo Corcoran, CEO of ClaimVantage

ClaimVantage CEO Leo Corcoran says. “We are always looking for ways to improve claim processing efficiency for our clients and are delighted to announce our partnership with UHG. This platform integration demonstrates how easily our software can integrate with external third-party solutions that improve the overall claims process.

The integration was made possible via the use of both the medEbridge and ClaimVantage APIs, both of which comply with the most up-to-industry standards to deliver secure and seamless connectivity between platforms and services.

About UHG

UHG has been providing innovative solutions for businesses and healthcare providers for more than 20 years.

Through its network of healthcare providers and its medEbridge platform, UHG makes it easier for businesses and healthcare providers to transact effectively and achieve better outcomes.

About ClaimVantage

ClaimVantage offers industry-leading life claim management software solutions for insurance carriers and superannuation funds. ClaimVantage provides cloud-based, automated claims processing solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, helping their customers to deliver superior customer service for a competitive edge.

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