Akari Software and Blackboard Partner in Australia and New Zealand

Blackboard, a leading education technology company for learning, teaching and student engagement, has signed a partnership agreement with Irish company Akari Software, a leader in web-based curriculum management solutions for higher education institutions.


The Akari Curriculum Management System is a modular solution to create and manage courses, including document repository, approval and publication workflows, and resourcing. The additional layer of course, assessment, and learning outcome data provided by Akari will provide institutions with an agile environment that supports rapid innovation, evolution and transformation of their core offerings.

Institutions are increasingly holding themselves accountable not only for increasing student retention, but also for improving outcomes, enhancing employability and ensuring pathways to success. Providing learners with the ability to develop the right skills and attributes that are needed to prepare them to be job ready is critical in today’s market. It requires institutions to constantly revise and adapt their courses to meet the needs of the students and remain competitive.

Eoghan O’Leary, CEO of Akari Software

“In the next five to ten years we’re going to see continued evolution in the business model of our higher education institutions,” said Eoghan O’Leary, CEO at Akari Software.  “We are thrilled to support this transformation agenda with Blackboard as our strategic partner.”

“By enabling institutions to close the loop between the planning and delivery of their curriculum, they will have the right data to make decisions that will better support student outcomes and institutional success.”


“Blackboard is core to supporting the delivery of great learning experiences,” said Yves Dehouck, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Blackboard.  “Akari is core to supporting the planning and foundations of what those learning experiences look like.  Obviously, when combined the two become a powerful solution to support institutions through their continued transformation.”

“Our partnership with Akari across Australia and New Zealand is about giving greater value to institutions.  Both companies support a shared vision for the role innovative technology will play in getting to that point.”

About Blackboard
Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable learner and institutional success, leveraging innovative technologies and services. With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change.

About Akari Software
Akari Software has gained an international reputation for being a leader in curriculum management processes and software. Working with international clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia & Ireland, Akari Software has established that agile institutional transformation is centred around curriculum lifecycle requiring ability to leverage the curriculum for validation, accreditation, publication, resourcing and assurance of learning.

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