Why Technology is the Natural Solution to our Farming Needs

By Niall Casey, Agritech Market Advisor, Enterprise Ireland Australia

Practical Agritech solutions are improving yield, efficiency and profitability for farmers lives and Irish companies are leading the way in providing Agritech solutions that meet global needs

A common question we come across when meeting Australian farmers, is one that perplexes our agricultural community in Ireland – how can we produce more food with limited resources and in an environmentally friendly way? With the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stating that the world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it currently does in order to feed the growing population we don’t have a lot of time to work out the answers.

This is why continuous improvements are essential to ensure we are driving growth in volumes and yields sustainably and incrementally all the time. And the continuous improvement process is where Agritech shines. With the primary aim of improving yield, efficiency and profitability in farming, Agritech enhances and builds on the success of traditional farming practices while also dealing with the various challenges facing farmers.

Nowhere do we see this more than in the family-run agricultural companies in Ireland, some whom have been around for more than 100 years, embrace new technologies and employ software developers and data analysts alongside their agricultural experts.

For example, Irish company Keenan (an Alltech company) provides Intouch technology, where unique data is generated by the machine, the data is captured and sent to the nutritionist who then personally contacts and advises the farmer. This technology meets the specific needs of the animal by ensuring it gets the exact nutrition it needs daily and helps farmers make informed decisions.

And Major Equipment Intl Ltd, who produce premium products for use on the farm, orchard, vineyard and sports fields, has designed an award-winning Cyclone Mower range that does the work of a flail mower but requires a fraction of the power and fuel that a flail mower would consume. The patented ‘blender’ blade system on the Major Cyclone Mower double chops the cut material, handling everyday grass topping and mulching of heavier material with ease.

Technology is at the centre of the future of farming and a key message from Enterprise Ireland’s white paper titled ‘Agritech: The Future of Profitable Farming‘, researched by Frost & Sullivan, is that there are basic technologies available on the market that are already making a difference to everyday farmers’ lives and are a good starting point for adoption.

The white paper discusses the challenges facing the Agriculture industry, how Agritech solutions are already making a difference, the challenges to adoption, a snapshot of select innovative solutions available in the market, and provides an outlook on the future of farming. The whitepaper can be downloaded here: https://irishadvantage.com/white-paper/agritech-the-future-of-profitable-farming/

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