A/NZ Women in Business Mentor Program 2021: Kelly-Ann McHugh, MyComplianceOffice

Kelly-Ann McHugh, the Director of Asia-Pacific for MyComplianceOffice, the leading conflicts of interest management solution, is joining us for the Women in Business Mentor Program 2021.

What are the greatest challenges and the greatest joys of running your business?

The challenges are balancing priorities, there is so much that can be done, and not enough time in the day! We are lucky to work in an industry that is growing. Seeing how we can help our customers automate and mature their compliance programs is a great joy of mine, as well as solving customers problems and creating solutions. Our company is so focused on delivering the leading conduct risk solution, it is great to see this being developed and helping our customers.

Is it hard to manage a business where regulations are different in each country across your region?

MCO’s software is regulation agnostic, which means we build our software to cater for any number of international regulations. Our customers come to us with the regulatory challenges that they face in each market, and with a software that can be flexible and configurable enough to cater for any of these, we find ourselves in a unique position.

What are your plans for your business?

MCO is rapidly expanding across APAC, and this is largely due to our product roadmap. We have released some fantastic new Compliance Control Room modules in the last 24 months for managing material non-public information and deals, which have been very exciting, and our roadmap is full of additional functionality for these modules and new modules. It’s an exciting place to work!

Why have you chosen to target the Australian market?

The Australian market is highly regulated, which makes it a prime market for Financial Services compliance software. We already have a few clients based in Australia, and we hope to have this grow over the future months.

Why did you sign up to the mentor program?

I have never been part of a mentor-mentee program before, certainly not formally, so it is great to bounce ideas off someone who is knowledgeable both in my industry, the market, and with years of experience to learn from.

What are the key benefits you have realised from EI support?

EI support has been instrumental in opening up new opportunities, gaining exposure to the Irish and EI specific network, access to regulatory conferences we may not have got access to, and assistance in understanding markets I am not familiar with.


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