60seconds with Shirley Nolan

A big Enterprise Ireland welcome to Shirley Nolan, who joins us as our A/NZ Pathfinder for the Construction and Engineering sector. Shirley has been a valuable member of our Construction and Engineering Advisory Panel for the last year and we are delighted for her to extend that role with us.

Shirley will also continue her role as Head of Business Development and Marketing at O’Sullivan Civil Contractors and Board Member of Club Hibernia. With 17 years’ experience in the construction industry in Australia, and a love of construction in her blood, Shirley is exceptionally well placed to provide the best support to Enterprise Ireland clients who are growing their presence in the sector here. 

Shirley what first motivated you to establish to work within the Construction Industry?

My Dad is a contractor, and I spent a lot of my childhood on construction sites in Ireland – so you could say its “in the blood!”

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

To believe in yourself and not to be too hard on yourself – we are often our own biggest critic.

What do you see as the major trends facing this sector in the next five years?

There are quite a few major trends on the horizon: the increased use of drones for mapping, for safety and for security; augmented reality and increased use of 3D visualisation for projects and on their surrounding environment; green building and green construction, as eco-friendly features and sustainable construction become more mainstream; the rising costs of materials, such as steel for example has increased by 20% in the last few months. And lastly, more modular, and prefab construction with an increase in cost-cutting technology

What was your first job?

I got my first job when I was 16 as a swimming instructor, teaching 5-year-olds how to swim – they loved the water and went from being a bit scared initially to splashing around confidently in the water, in no time.

What made you want to join the Enterprise Ireland team?

I enjoyed being on the Enterprise Ireland Advisory Panel during 2020 and I saw it as a great opportunity to promote Irish companies – their innovations, new ideas and their creative solutions for the construction and engineering sector. I’ve joined the team in 2021 with the same enthusiasm and look forward to working collaboratively with the offices around the world, and with the talented Enterprise Ireland team here in Australia & New Zealand.


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