60 Seconds with Killian Deeley

Killian Deeley is a Market Executive with Enterprise Ireland who joined the Sydney office in 2019. Killian has since managed the Energy portfolio, developing and creating an Irish presence within the sector in Australia.

We sat down with Killian to ask a few quick questions about his role and how he came to work at Enterprise Ireland.

Killian, what first motivated you to work for Enterprise Ireland?

Within the university landscape in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland’s graduate programme is one of the most highly regarded and sought after by students. For me, this role offered a route to international and multi-sector business experience. It offered a graduate position in which you are valued as a fully contributing member of the team, whilst also providing a nurturing environment in which you can learn from colleagues and grow as a professional. My experience to-date has been excellent. I have the privilege of assisting homegrown Irish companies on a daily basis, directly influencing the next generation of innovative Irish companies in Australia and New Zealand. Not only this, the learnings and responsibilities that have been placed my way over the past 18 months have influenced me in a profound way, allowing me to grow into a more complete version of myself.

What’s your motto?

– Control the Controllables

I try my best to live my life through these 3 words. I’m an avid Gaelic footballer and this motto became religion to myself and my teammates growing up – control everything within your grasp (Training, Diet, Mentality, Sleep) and the rest will follow. This rings true in all aspects of life. We can only control that which is within our reach. Life will always throw curveballs. Rather than be dragged down by these uncontrollable forces, manage the controllables in your life and good things will follow. At least that’s how it’s meant to work…

How did you establish the energy portfolio within ANZ?

By controlling the controllables? Nah kidding. I’ll stop preaching.

My EI journey to-date has been hugely enjoyable. I’ve taken part in multiple events, worked with an array of exciting Irish companies, and learnt from a team of inspiring individuals. However, my greatest journey thus far has been the development of our Energy Portfolio. Smart and sustainable energy solutions have never been more important. Globally, Governments are leading economies towards greener futures and Irish technological solutions are very much at the forefront of this revolution.  

I have had the pleasure of developing out this portfolio over the past 8 months, working to scale the present of Irish energy businesses across ANZ. The development of this portfolio has been largely down to productive networking and the generosity of energy professionals across ANZ. Since taking over this role, I have constructed relationships with individuals, both Irish and Australian, within the energy sector that have expressed and exhibited a real interest in assisting Irish energy companies, many of whom sit on our Energy Advisory Panel. These connections have directly influenced the trajectory of Irish businesses in-market, providing much needed strategic advice and business introductions. I’d like to say a huge thanks to all who have assisted in this development process over the past few months. Your time and effort is invaluable and goes a long way towards influencing the success of Irish energy solutions across ANZ.

Finally, if you could invite three people to dinner who would they be and why?

Tom Brady – As one of the most successful athletes in the world, I’d love to tap into his mind and understand his drive/work ethic

Jesus Christ – I have more than a few questions to ask…

Ricky Gervais – Funny and intelligent…and who doesn’t enjoy a laugh at dinner?

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